Monday, May 21, 2018

Sorry, We're Closed

After five years of blogging about our club, I think it's time to shut this down.

When I started the blog on this day a half-decade ago, NYCFC had just been announced and I couldn't wait to talk about it. I wanted to meet other supporters, I wanted to build something special, and I wanted to shout from the rooftops about New York City's very own football club. Well, I've been able to do that and more.

This blog helped form the group that would become the Third Rail. It's introduced me to many wonderful people, and more than a few lifelong friends. It's helped us build our city's soccer culture. And even though "Blue Skies" never caught on, I did get to name the team. That's a real honor.

But as you may have noticed, there's less to say now. I started out chronicling every piece of information I could find, and there was precious little of it. But now you can get your NYCFC news from actual professionals, and you don't need me.

I'll still post on Twitter, anything I have to say about the club will find a home there. Hope you'll join that conversation. And, of course, I'll see you at the Stadium.

Thank you for a wonderful five years, and many more to come.

And come on you Pigeons!

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