Monday, August 28, 2017

Whatever Happened to the "Secondary Palette"?

Everybody remembers that when the club's branding was first unveiled back in 2014, the colors were announced as "Sky Blue", "Obsidian Blue", and "Flag Orange". Primary, secondary, and tertiary. But does anybody remember that there was originally supposed to be three more colors?

In addition to those three colors of the Primary Palette, supporting documents revealed a Secondary Palette of "NY Gold" (a metallic Old Gold), "NY Orange" (an Athletic Gold just a little darker than that used by the Green Bay Packers), and a royal blue they called "NY Blue".

I'm not sure it's a great idea to label that Athletic Gold as "orange", but it's always tricky when you also have a metallic gold in the color scheme. "Gold" is the official name for that color in heraldry, vexillology and sports design, but the general public keeps thinking the color needs some metallic sheen to qualify.

There's more logic to the choice of the latter two colors, which are remarkably similar to the official colors of New York State. The City has blue and orange, the state blue and gold.

This page from the New York State Branding Overview and Guidelines and Architecture show the blue and gold in context:

But regardless of what you want to call those three secondary colors, or why they were chosen, I'm more interested in why the club changed its mind. So far as I know, they were never used.

The gold almost found its way into the club's branding; it was used as an outline in one of the two badges put up for a fan vote:

On the club's promotional materials, they listed it as the "color of success, elegance and triumph".

My understanding at the time was that the Secondary Palette was never intended to be used on kits or merchandise, featured instead in web design and similar graphic applications. But unless I missed something, that was never the case.

We may never know why the club changed course. It's another interesting chapter in our growing story, a reminder of the false starts and course changes made when you build a club from scratch.

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