Tuesday, August 22, 2017

CT is Blue?

What. The. Hell.

So NYCFC is losing a home game, booted out by the Yankees rescheduling a rain date. And rather than rent the fields at Columbia or Fordham or some other place in the city, they have in their infinite wisdom decided to schedule it at the University of Connecticut in East Hartford.

The Third Rail ran some buses up to that stadium to watch a USMNT match back in 2014, and the traffic was so bad that we ended up pulling over and watching from bars along the way. It's an easy three hours each way, even on a Saturday afternoon.

What a debacle. And what's worse is that the club has obviously been working on this for weeks and decided to spring it on us now. If they had come out and announced that the match would have to be moved, and later that it would be held three hours away from Yankee Stadium, at least we would have been prepared for it.

This smacks of Lampard all over again. Why won't the club work with us? We're more than customers, we're partners. Or at least we ought to be.

So that's one home match I won't be able to attend this season. Which sucks. Not a good look, fellas. Can't wait to see the Red Bull tifo now.

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