Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2017 MLS Kit Review

MLS has just released this review of the 2017 kits.

It's a pretty good-looking league. Can't help but notice that the Seattle Sounders are the only ones with a third kit. The league has been looking to phase those out for some time, but we have one holdout.

Let's take a closer look at each:

Atlanta has a very sharp inaugural look. I love that the neither kit features any white at all (that change kit is a very light gray). But man, MetroStars fans ought to be outraged; that's the look they've been trying to get the Red Bulls to adopt for years.

Chicago also went gray for their change kit, in this case the slightly darker gray from their logo. And it's a gorgeous logo; as solid as any in the league, but I don't think they've ever had a kit to match it.

Colorado has only the most tenuous connection to Arsenal these days, choosing not to play up their shared ownership. So it's therefore a little ironic that their kits are more than a little reminiscent. In the Rapids' case, the change colors come from the Colorado flag, and it's become very popular there.

Columbus returns to yellow at home, and there's just something so right about that. With a color scheme like this, they have no excuse for ever wearing white.

Dallas really needs to go back to the hoops.

I'm very jealous of DC United; they have a great new badge, a solid color scheme, and just broke ground on a soccer-specific stadium in the District. Good fans, and I'm thrilled for them. The new change kit is a bit wonky, but they're working the "classic primaries, crazy clash" thing NYCFC has embraced.

I love the tangerine-orange of the Dynamo, a unique color that they own in the sport.

We appear to have changed color schemes with Kansas City; theirs is now slate blue with white, and ours is now sky blue with navy. I think we got the better of that deal.

The Galaxy's change kit is solid enough, I like the tone-on-tone Adidas stripes. It'll hardly ever be worn; they choose the whites as often as possible, which will provide a solid contrast when the black-clad LAFC join the league next year.

Minnesota has a great color scheme, a unique sponsor, and solid kits. A welcome addition to MLS, and one who will be wearing gray long after it stops being popular for clash kits.

Montreal's black-and-blue stripes are more effective without the silver muddying them up. I hope they keep the stripes when this shirt's time is up. Love the socks on the clash kit.

New England is still dragging down the league with their oh-so-1990s badge. But the new change kit is solid; I like asymmetrical designs.

Love it.

The Red Bulls are sticking with their basic color scheme, but the less-red home whites are a pretty significant step backwards.

Orlando, like Houston, benefits from owning a bold and dynamic color. The gold stripes are a great contrast; wonder what it would look like if the sponsor logo and details were gold like Atlanta's. I think it would be even more powerful if the only white was on the badge.

Ah, Philly. Still hate the sponsor logo - seriously, can't they use a monochromatic version, or a version in team colors?

Portland is now one of the best-looking clubs in the sport. Their solid-greens are outstanding, and I love that they've recolored the badge to match. Shame their still using their now-outdated MLS badge on the sleeves, the only white and bright yellow left.

There's a joke in there about a Utah team having boring uniforms, but I'm too lazy to make it.

Still trying to figure out why (or how) Seattle is hanging on to their third kit. The new clash is all-white and highly influenced by an old NASL uniform. I like the brighter blue, that might be worth keeping even after this cycle.

San Jose used to say that they would be a primarily-blue team. Shame; although I like the fractured-chevron design.

Toronto plays up its red and dark gray color scheme with obsidian sleeves and side panels. I like the gray Adidas stripes, so much better than a jarring white.

Vancouver's new home whites are now punctuated with small blue triangles. They're supposed to represent rain or some such but have been widely derided as resembling pajamas. I think they're better than the gradients of the clash kit.

And there you have it. MLS will continue to be a very good-looking league in 2017.

Friday, February 24, 2017

MLS Next for 2017

Columbus unveiled its new jersey today, so we now know what the league will look like in 2017. So here's our MLS Next graphic:

Still a very good-looking league.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

An Ad We Can All Carry Around in our Pockets

The MTA has stepped up advertising on MetroCards. This is the card I got out of a machine on Monday:

I've become slightly inured to advertising on the back of the cards, but I'm still a little surprised to see it on the front as well.

These ads are currently in the news this week, as limited-edition MetroCards branded with the crazy-popular Supreme clothing brand caused long lines to back up at the stations where they were available.

NYCFC has a long history of advertising in the subway, why not take it to the next step?

Just for the heck of it, let's take a look at the rate sheets. Thanks to @NYCFCfan on Twitter for the link. We start with the one-sided cards:

That's not so bad at all. Let's take a look at the rates for advertising on both sides:

Still lower than I would have expected. This would be an amazing ad campaign to roll out around a particular event, such as the first playoff match or next year's home opener.

Come on, CFG. Make it happen.

Monday, February 20, 2017

About Those Orange Shorts....

Remember the orange shorts from Friday?

The ones that Sports Illustrated's 2017 MLS kit review told us that would be paired with the Hypnokit shirt on the road?

Yeah, well never mind.

Sports Illustrated has quietly updated its article, including one small change for NYCFC.

New York City FC

NYCFC is still trying to figure out what to wear. Sky blue is a given, and the new home shirt is an improvement thanks to classy navy and orange trim. But the dark blue shorts represent yet another tweak of a kit that started in 2015 with white shorts and socks, changed to light blue socks and then, toward the end of ’16, to all sky blue. Now they’ll look like Sporting Kansas City, which is wearing white shorts and should suggest a swap. The swirly secondary (the ripples represent "the energy of the five boroughs"), which NYCFC wore in just six MLS games last year, is back.
Well, then.

When the change was noticed, several of us reached out to the article's author, and were told that the change came directly from Adidas.

Not to say that we won't ever see them—the sky blue shorts weren't ever previewed before making their first appearance on the pitch—but given how seldom we wear the Hypnokit in the first place, it seems unlikely that they'll drag out alternate shorts to wear with it.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Orange Shorts for the Hypnokit?

Sports Illustrated has posted this review of the 2017 kits released so far, and it includes a surprise for our Boys in Blue.

Photo by: MLS/Adidas

That's right, orange shorts with the Hypnokit.

This reportedly comes from Adidas, which distributed a style guide indicating that the orange shorts will be the new primaries with the clash kit.

This particular combination has been seen before; our U16 team has been wearing the orange shorts:

I'm not sure how I feel about this - there's a sizeable portion of the fanbase clamoring for more orange, but the Hypnokit works as well as it does because the shorts and socks are neutral. I fear that orange shorts will compete for focus with the extremely-busy shirt. Still, it's going to be a pretty rare look for us in any case.

It's also worth noting that Sports Illustrated has been wrong in the past; last year, the MLS preview included blue shorts and blue-trimmed socks for Real Salt Lake:
After six years in all-red, RSL at long last is returning to something resembling its unique, championship-winning look. After claiming the 2009 MLS title in red/claret jerseys (with blue/cobalt sleeves), blue shorts and blue socks, RSL inexplicably opted to become one of several mono-red teams. Bad uniforms and a trio of lost finals followed. If there was a kit curse, consider it reversed with the new home set, which features sublimated pinstripes on a sharp red jersey and a return to the cobalt shorts. RSL is RSL again.
Except RSL apparently wasn't RSL again; those new shorts and socks never made the pitch. Curse not reversed. The Royals instead continued to wear red head-to-toe for every home game, and the blue elements stayed in the closet.

We'll see if New York City's orange shorts suffer a similar fate.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Highlights: Emelec 2, NYC 2 (preseason friendly)

The club has posted highlights of their friendly against CS Emelec at the Estadio George Capwell in Guayaquil, Ecuador. For those of us who streamed the match live, this is an opportunity to get a clearer look at the match.

Even better, it's an opportunity to get a clearer look at the gorgeous new kits. Those are going to look great under the lights of the Stadium, or on a sunny day in the Bronx.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Okay, I'm Sold on the White Shorts

The white shorts looked great in action. I still prefer the navy, but this will be a sharp change kit when needed.

Friday, February 10, 2017

More Revisions to the 2017 Schedule

The club has released a slightly revised schedule for the upcoming season:

The games to be broadcast on YES are now noted as such, and the September 23 home game against the Houston Dynamo has been moved up from 4pm ET to 3pm ET.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Called it!

In a prior post, I speculated/hoped that the club would use the NYC flag as the jock tag for their new shirts. Well, turns out that's exactly what they did, with their own twist.

Hmm. Looks an awful lot like the flag my kids and I flew at Yankee Stadium every single match last year:

Do you think somebody at the club noticed?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"The Fabric of the City"

Moments ago, the club officially unveiled its 2017 kits.

Love it. Looks fantastic with the navy shorts.

Here's the full press release:
New York City FC Reveals New 2017 Home Uniform

Today, New York City FC is proud to reveal its new 2017 home uniform, designed by adidas. The Club’s second ever home jersey can be seen in a video in which a young fan’s dreams become a reality, when he gets to swap shirts with his hero, NYCFC Designated Player and World Cup winner, Andrea Pirlo.

Aimed at its younger supporters in particular, NYCFC focused on the kids who are crazy about their team and their heroes on the field. This year, Michael, a young New York City FC super fan, got the very first look at the new home jersey, as he was selected to take part in the animation video to swap out an old New York City FC t-shirt for the new 2017 jersey.

For the second year in a row, New York City FC has given a sneak peek of its new uniform to fans first.

The jersey exchange is a storied tradition in soccer history, but usually doesn’t involve making a kid’s dreams come true. The video was created by fusing live action with hand-drawn animation.

The 2017 home jersey was created for New York City fans, with design inspiration coming from the City itself and the pride of New Yorkers.

The City blue jersey features the New York City flag, punctuated by the New York City FC monogram, as the jocktag on the jersey’s hem. The unique heather fabric is accented with navy and orange trims, the colors of the flag, while the neck tape recognizes the five distinct boroughs. The shirt’s light material makes it lifestyle wearable that can be worn at games or casually on the street.

The jersey will be available in both authentic and replica styles. The authentic jersey has been designed with the best of adidas technology with an engineered adizero back panel for player comfort and temperature regulation. The replica is made out of 100% recycled polyester and features adidas ClimaCool technology which helps players stay cooler by regulating temperature and wicking moisture away from their skin. Lower sleeves mesh insert will also guaranty a better breathability.

New York City FC’s new home uniform is a true homage to the City; it is the fabric of the City.

Designated Player, Andrea Pirlo shared his thoughts on the Club’s new look:

“I am honored to put on this new jersey because it represents my new home, New York City. I am excited whenever I play in the City’s colors in front of all of our amazing fans at Yankee Stadium.

“It was fun to do a video shoot with one of our young supporters. Our fans are the most important part of our Club and we want them to continue to be part of everything we do.”

New York City FC will wear the new 2017 home uniform for the first time in a pre-season friendly against CS Emelec in Ecuador tomorrow, February 8. The Club will open the 2017 season on March 5 against Orlando City SC.

The jersey is now available for pre-order at shop.nycfc.com and modells.com. It goes on sale starting February 17.
Here's the unboxing video:

I love it. Can't wait to order.

Third Rail members watch your email; there will be a discount code coming soon....

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Attempt at the New Shirt

I had a few extra minutes, so I threw together this rough Photoshop of the leaked 2017 shirt.

Wonder what we'll have on the jock tag. For my own part, I've really been hoping that they'd use the flag of New York City:

We'll see.