Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 Schedule Revised

Today, the club released a revised schedule for 2017.

You can compare this to the original schedule, released earlier this month:

Here are the changes:

  • The game on Sunday the 12th will now be broadcast on YES.
  • Saturday the 18th against Montreal now has a start time: 2:00pm.
  • Saturday the 1st against San Jose now has a start time: 2:00pm.
  • Wednesday the 17th in Salt Lake now has a start time: 9:00pm.
  • Wednesday the 31st against New England now has a start time: 7:30pm.
  • Saturday the 3rd against Philadelphia now has a start time: 1:00pm.
  • Thursday the 29th against Minnesota now has a start time: 7:30pm.
  • Wednesday the 19th against Toronto now has a start time: 7:30pm.
  • Saturday the 22nd against Chicago now has a start time: 2:00pm.
  • Sunday the 13th at Los Angeles has been moved to Saturday the 12th at 8:00pm.
  • Saturday the 19th against New England has been moved to Sunday the 20th at 6:00pm.
  • Wednesday the 6th against Kansas City now has a start time: 7:30pm.
  • Saturday the 9th against Portland now has a start time: 5:30pm.

We still have two time TBD matches, but both are on the road.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Seen this Morning on MLSstore.com

These are currently the top ten best-selling player jerseys on MLSstore.com:

We have the top two, and three out of the top ten.

Interesting that Lampard still ranks so highly, despite having left the club more than two months ago. Reinforces my belief that most fans don't have the negative opinion prevalent in the supporter's section.

And of course, this doesn't take into account the new jerseys coming any day now.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sneak Peek at the New Kit

Couple tweets today give us a very good idea of what the new NYCFC kit will look like.

Let's take a closer look at that first one.

He's wearing the new anthem jacket, but there's more.

Looking closer, he is clearly wearing sky blue socks with navy Adidas stripes. It also looks as though he's wearing navy shorts with sky blue number and Adidas stripes and a thin orange pinstripe around the legs.

The navy shorts also seem to make an appearance in the second photo:

You can also see that David appears to be wearing the leaked 2017 shirt under his anthem jacket.

We're getting a pretty clear indication of what the kits will look like this year, and I'm thrilled to see it. This could be my favorite combination yet.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 Anthem Jacket

With the 2017 preseason approaching, the new merchandise is starting to come out. Today, the club released this unboxing video of the 2017 anthem jacket.

Looks gorgeous. I love the play of dark blue and light. I could see making one of those pinstripes orange, but I will never mind the double-blues.

No word when these might go on sale, but it shouldn't be long now.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 Schedule Released

Here we are - the schedule for 2017.

Quick thoughts:
  • The new kids come to town on May 7 (Atlanta) and June 29 (Minnesota);
  • We visit Atlanta on May 28, but do not have a match in Minnesota; and
  • The Red Bulls' sole regular-season appearance in the Bronx will be August 6th.
I like ending the season on a Sunday afternoon.

Here's the club's highlights: