Saturday, June 25, 2016

Highlights: Seattle 0, NYC 2

Fantastic result in Seattle.

Frank has a tendency to get himself in just the right place to make an impact.

The luckiest man in the sport.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Why We Love David Villa

David Villa is my seven-year-old son's favorite player, and has been since he was the only player on the roster. It wasn't until this weekend that I truly understood why.

Watch this second goal from this past weekend's match. It begins with the ball in Josh Saunders's hands. Saunders throws it to Jack Harrison, who powers all the way down the pitch. Harrison can't quite finish it off, as he picks up two defenders and loses the angle. But without even looking, Harrison backheels it to Villa, who puts it in.

Now watch what Villa does immediately afterwards.

He points at Harrison, and then waves him over so the two can celebrate together.

Before he even celebrates the goal, Villa reaches out to bring in the new kid. It would be so easy to grab all the glory for himself, but our Captain shares it. That's a leader. And that's why we love David Villa.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Highlights: NYC 3, Philadelphia 2

What a beautiful day in the Bronx, as the three DPs each score a goal to put New York City ahead of the Philadelphia Union.

Frank Lampard got the scoring off with this shot in the 8th minute. Frank puts himself in the perfect place to pick up Tommy McNamara's blocked shot and put it in the back of the net

I don't think that was in any way intentional, but it was brilliant.

The second goal of the match was one of my favorite runs all season. Josh Saunders throws the ball to Jack Harrison, who powers his way down the pitch. Harrison picks up two defenders, loses the angle and without even looking kicks it backwards to David Villa who puts it in for his league-leading eleventh goal.

After those two, it's fitting that Andrea Pirlo scored his first MLS goal.

Simply beautiful. I love watching him play.

After taking that 3-0 lead early, we let Philadelphia back into the match when we should have put them away conceding a penalty and an own goal from Frédéric Brillant; that late-match collapse is as disconcerting as it is familiar.