Friday, January 8, 2016

Hey Mitchell & Ness, Here's One for Your Catalog

The 2016 MLS Adidas merchandise will be in stores next week, but there's one thing I really want in my closet which isn't available - yet.

Philadelphia-based clothing company Mitchell & Ness specializes in licensed team wear. They made their name in the 1990s as a manufacturer of throwback flannel baseball jerseys, selling everything from Hank Aaron to Babe Ruth jerseys.

In recent years, they've branched out into modern teams and designs, in both contemporary and timeless designs. And recently, they secured a license to produce MLS branded products.

So here's what I want, guys: your "Pinch Hitter" jacket, originally created for MLB and NFL teams. For our own New York City FC.

What do you think?

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