Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Man About Town

NYCFC continues to promote yesterday's blockbuster signing around New York City. The most prominent might be this massive billboard in Midtown Manhattan:

Twitter: @sk1nzfan Twitter: @MikeQuarino

That's the northeast corner of Seventh Avenue and 33rd Street, kitty-corner from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. A very prominent location for this new marketing push.

He's also on subway station entrance boards:

Instagram: pieraiworlds

And in Times Square:

Twitter: @nycfc

And in Astoria, Queens:

Twitter: @AisleOne

On the BQE:

Twitter: @nycfc

And on the entrance to the 59th Street Bridge:

Twitter: @nycfc

Obviously these are all electronic billboards, with a much quicker turnaround time than actual print media. But I expect that we'll see print versions of this on the subways soon.

Interestingly, unlike previous drives, this campaign doesn't feature the MLS logo, or mention the sport at all beyond the NYCFC logo. It presumes that the passersby already know who David Villa is, a push aimed specifically at existing fans of the sport.

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