Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Final Day to Vote, and Support From a Valued Source [UPDATED]

Today's the day! Voting on NYCFC's new crest ends today at 5:00 EST. Don't miss this chance to have your vote heard!

Last night, my "Best of Both Worlds" campaign picked up a fantastic endorsement, from none other than Rafael Esquer, the designer of the two proposed badges.

It means a great deal to hear that from him. I was a great admirer of the "Made in NY" before I had any idea who had designed it. I hope the club is listening.

Esquer also tweeted this photo: I think it shows how strong the navy & sky color scheme can be, and also how well the all-white interlocking "NYC" works on its own. That's one of the reasons I created the mash-up logo to begin with, marrying the distinctive shield shape with Esquer's strong white monogram.

There are two variations of the "Best of Both Worlds" crest, one with pentagons signifying the five boroughs and one without. I know Esquer prefers the one without, as I believe he feels the shield shape already symbolizes the city coming together.

We don't have to settle for either/or. There is a third way. And if you agree with me that the best possible crest combines elements from both choices, today's the last day to let the club know!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with NYCFC saying "We listened to the fans, we heard they like elements of both crests, and our new team badge incorporates that feedback." It would be perfectly consistent with their established (and admirable) pattern of outreach.

UPDATED 5:30PM:   Well, it's all over but the counting. We'll see how it comes out.

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