Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kreis Responds to "Almost 100%" Report

Real Salt Lake head coach Jason Kreis has responded to Sports Illustrated's report that he's "almost 100%" committed to NYCFC: Fair enough. It's got to be supremely frustrating, as he prepares for their MLS Cup match in Kansas City, to have to address rumors about his next job. He's in Salt Lake City, if only for now, and that's where his responsibilities lie. There will be plenty of time for this next week.

The Salt Lake Tribune has posted a video, where they asked Kreis to respond:

Reporter: "There's a report today in Sports Illustrated about you going to New York as a head coach. Do you have a response on that?"

Kreis: "I have no response, it's the same response I've had for the last eight weeks - has it been eight weeks? at least? - the last two to three months now, that my focus is on this team, and will continue to be on this team, this club, and doing everything that I can for the next five days. And then after that (smiles) I'll go into hiding for three days, and try to make a decision."

Reporter: "So a decision isn't made then, Coach?"

Kreis: "Oh, no."

Reporter: "Will this match have an impact on that decision?"

Kreis: "I don't think so. As I said, I have a view that what this club has done, what this team in particular has done this year is already successful. The result this weekend is icing on the cake, insignificant to my decision."
As it should be. The Tribune also interviews Real Salt Laker Kyle Beckerman in that same video. The midfielder had this to say:
Reporter: "There was a report today that Jason is going to leave for New York-"

Beckerman: "Oh, really?"

Reporter: "-is that something that you guys have talked about as a team? How do you guys kind of deal with that, with the uncertainty?"

Beckerman: "I feel - we kind of thought maybe it would happen. I think... he's a great coach, people are going to want him, and so how can we hold somebody back that wants to go somewhere, if that's the case? And so... we're okay with that. We knew he wouldn't... his commitment, his desire - anything he would have done with our team if he's coming back next year, he would have done the same if he's leaving. So we knew nothing was going to change, and we feel if he does go, we have a core here, we have a coaching staff - coaches that can step up and keep what we've got going on. But we'll be sad to miss him, if that's true and he does go, we'll definitely miss him. I mean, he's been the leader of our group for now 5, 6, maybe 7 years, so - it'll definitely be strange, but you can't hold somebody back if they want to go, and try something else. It's on the Eastern Conference, so we'll only see him once a year (laughs). So it's not the worst. But no, hopefully it's not true, and hopefully he stays."
We'll see what next week brings.

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