Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crest Concept - Milo Kowalski

We have another club branding concept today, this time from Brooklyn-based designer Milo Kowalski. He's taken a very interesting tack, assimilating the city's visual iconography and incorporating it into a unified design.

With those as inspiration, here's Milo's primary logo:

There's a lot I like about this. I'm very partial to the subway token (it features prominently in my favorite concept), and pairing it with a shout-out to the Grand Central Terminal monogram is inspired.

I love this interlocking "NYC" mark. It's distinct, and would work well on its own, as shown in some of his merchansiding mockups:

I'd kill for that navy New Era cap.

I'm less enthusiastic about the wordmark. It doesn't scan as well as I would have hoped. A good script, great for the Hinsch Diner sign in Bay Ridge, but not for a longer name. And the capitals don't work at all for initials, needing lower-case letters to offset their heavy flourish. If he had something different for "F.C." I think I'd like this much more.

Finally, we get to my biggest concern with this excellent concept: the color scheme.

Blue and orange are the city's colors, and appear on our flag (if in lighter shades). But they're already used (again, in lighter shades) by the Mets. The National League club owns blue and orange in this city, as well they should. I'm not sure that we'd want to intrude on that, even setting aside NYCFC's Yankee ownership. That's one of the things I've loved so much about the interim navy-and-sky colors; they work so well together. Not only do they compliment each other while having sufficient hue differences to look distinct even in black and white, they're unique in the New York sporting scene.

Still, this is amazing work. His logos are outstanding, in either the primary version or the monogram alone:

This is just a taste: check out the full concept here.

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