Sunday, September 8, 2013

Crest Concept - Matthew Wolff

Here's another crest concept, this time from Matthew Wolff, a graduate student at Parsons. Wolff is no stranger to the city's soccer scene, having already done design work for the New York Cosmos in the form of their season ticket packages and having redesigned the branding for local soccer store Upper 90 (I'm a customer at their Atlantic Avenue location in Brooklyn).

We start with a very strong primary logo.

The pentagon is a good choice, a solid geometric shape with obvious connections to the five boroughs of New York City. Perhaps more interesting than a circle, shield or other common shapes, and it's nicely balanced with the banner and crown. I love using the Statue of Liberty's crown as a flourish on the top, as well as the touch of gold it brings to the color scheme. I'm not entirely sold on the white and navy rays; think there might be something better to feature in that space.

This is his secondary logo:

Also good, although there's something about the monogram that I don't like. It's a little too spindly, reminiscent of the monogram being used by Brooklyn Industries on their clothes this fall.

This may be a little too much gold, in the total absence of white.

I do love the shield-like two shades of blue in the background of the pentagram, however. Totally missed that in the primary logo, as it is obscured by the rays. Maybe that should be incorporated into the primary more.

Finally, we see his crest on a shirt:

That's outstanding. Really, really gorgeous. Even at a little distance, the pentagon/banner/crown creates a distinctive outline that's unmistakable against the blue field of the shirt.

Great concept.

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