Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another Design Concept - Mike Retrum

We have another unofficial design concept for the club, this time from California-based designer Mike Retrum.

I like his design philosophy.
Key Concepts
  • Prominently feature ‘NY’ or ‘NYC’ type as these are recognizable symbols for New York (see: Yankees)
  • Incorporate MCFC club colors
  • Incorporate the number 5 as a symbol of the number of New York boroughs
  • Draw inspiration from traditional football badge shapes and styling
  • DON'T use cliché New York imagery like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building
  • DON'T use the full name 'New York City FC'
He blends the crest of Man City with Yankees iconography to create a design with clear lineage that stands very much on its own.

I like the badge, although when it was designed Queens was the presumed home of the club. That's no longer true, leaving the crown as something of a potential geographical anachronism.

The type is very good, though, combining the "N" and "Y" in a way I haven't seen before.

Retrum has also designed full kits: primary, secondary, third and goalkeeper, as well as a custom number font for non-MLS matches.

There's much more at his site - check out the full concept and let me know what you think.

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