Thursday, May 30, 2013

Now THIS Should Be the Crest

This stunning concept comes from Hyperakt, an independent design firm in Brooklyn.

They have created an "unsolicited and unofficial conceptual sketch" for the team:

I like the design philosophy. The primary mark is simple enough to work even at icon sizes.

Their conceptual sketch includes jerseys (although without the signature three stripes Adidas slaps all over their kits).

They've even created a whole branding package.

The marks are versatile, and work across a whole realm of applications.

There's tons more at their site, including merchandise.

As far as I'm concerned, the Yankees and Man City can stop here. The final crest is going to have to be tremendous to top this concept. Throw a pile of money at Hyperakt and call it a day.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Man City at Yankee Stadium

Last night, our new most favorite Premiership club came to Yankee Stadium for an exhibition match against Chelsea.

That sky blue and white looked pretty good against the turf at the Stadium.

Man City won, 5-3. Although the game was originally billed as a neutral-site friendly, the recent New York City FC announcement made this match feel, to the New York Times, "like a trial run for the possibility that a soccer team could call the stadium home, even for a short time."

It's expected that NYCFC will play its first few seasons in the Bronx before its new stadium can be built. If so, that should be fine: there's just enough room to fit a pitch from the left field wall to the first base line:

Although the crowd was definitely tilted in Chelsea's favor, Man City made the most of their new New York connection. The players took the field for their introduction in NYCFC tshirts.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg's Remarks

Mayor Bloomberg spoke at the press conference welcoming NYCFC, and his remarks have just been posted to YouTube:

Interesting, although his influence will be minimal from this point forward. He leaves office at the end of the year, and as his predecessor discovered, tentative stadium deals can quickly be killed by an incoming mayor.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Logo Mashup

Now that we have a team, we'll need a crest. Over on the Chris Creamer Sports Logo boards, user "Anubis2051" offers this tongue-in-cheek mashup of the Man City crest with the Yankees' logo:

Funny, but I'd prefer a pigeon to an eagle.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reyna Hired as Director of Football Operations

That didn't take long - one day after NYCFC was introduced as the newest expansion team in MLS, the club has announced its first hire: Claudio Reyna will be the Director of Football Operations.

Reyna is a former midfielder for Man City and captain of the United States men's national team. A New Jersey native, he played for the Red Bulls for two seasons, which means this might boost the rivalry between the two clubs.

We'll see what comes next. Plus I love that t-shirt.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Today, MLS announced that the league's 20th team, long pegged for New York City, will be owned by the New York Yankees and Manchester United FC.

From left: Yankees president Randy Levine, M.L.S. Commissioner Don Garber
and Ferran Soriano, Manchester City’s C.E.O.

The announcement is well-timed; Man City is much in the news. The club is passing through New York right now, as part of their United States tour. They are to play a friendly against Chelsea at Yankee Stadium this coming Saturday, and yesterday unveiled their new home kit with publicity photos shot in the city:

Staking their claim to Gotham in a big way.

A lot of us presumed that the Cosmos would take the 20th spot, but last year they took themselves out of the running to join the second-division NASL (for now?) and that left a large opening.

The New York Red Bulls have never been all that interested in New York City itself, or at least they weren't until they saw how much interest and money the Cosmos were garnering, and now they're in real trouble. Man City has a good organization, and I've no doubt that they'll start off running.

This is very good for soccer in the Big Apple. I look forward to seeing many sky-blue shirts on Brooklyn's pitches soon.